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Lotus Flower, The beautiful Flower Plant (Report Text)

Ever heard of lotus flowers? Yes lotus flowers with the Latin name Nelumbo nucifera is a plant species that live and grow in the water. This flower is also often called Seroja flowers. Lotus flowers included in the Nymphaeaceae family.

People often equate lotus flower with red lotus flower (teratai). If deemed cursory eye, it was difficult to distinguish lotus flower with red lotus, because lotus and red lotus it was one family that was very same. if lotus’ leaves stuck to the top, red lotus’ leaves is floating on the water surface. The lotus flower has a large center lotus flower has a small center, the lotus flower has color white or pink whereas red lotus has a variety of colors. In the classification of plants, lotus includes Nelumbogenus, while the red lotus includes Nymphaeae genus.

Lotus is popular because the lotus often used in Buddhist ceremonies such as in Thailand, Cambodia, or China. Enchantment of the flowers at full bloom, providing the beauty that was so amazing so that many people liked the lotus as an ornamental plant that is grown in water and mud.

The enticement of the lotus flowers are on the flower, leaves, and stems.
The flowers have large petals, white or pink, and has a tapering tip petals. When haven’t blooming yet, the flower looks like a bowl of soup. After blooming, petals spread, but some are still facing up. This period of blooming flowers is only about 3-4 days. Flower’s color associated with country of origin. For example yellow lotus comes from America, white from India, and pink from China.

Second is their leaves, lotus’ leaves is broadly rounded, with wavy edges. From a far, lotus’ leaves looks like a line of umbrellas that are expanding. Upper leaf’s color is grayish green, the underside’s color beneath younger. Leaf surface was slippery and chewy because it is covered by wax. The stem is also not less interesting to other parts, because the soaring lotus stems to 180 cm, while the stem leaves reached over 100 cm. The stem is very flexible but strong and not easily broken wind rocked.

The advantages of the lotus flower are as a Decorative water plant if planted en masse. In Ubud, there is a large pool between restaurant that called "The Pond" and "Pundi-Pundi", filled pool with lotus flowers in large quantities. In addition they also put a statue with a fountain in the middle of the pond. Comfortable and romantic atmosphere created by the pool. Futhermore, overall of the lotus flower also has other uses. According to Uncle Wiki, the center of the flower can be used as garnish (decoration of a dish of food). While the leaves can also be used as food wrappers. In Korea there is an herbal tea called tisane. This tea made from flowers and leaves of the lotus flower.

The name of this flower in the following countries:
• The rhizome or ǒu (
) in Chinese Pinyin
• Ngau in Cantonese
• Bhe in India
• Renkon (レンコン, ) in Japan
• Yeongeun (연근) in Korea.
From several countries are using this plant as a vegetable in soup, deep-fried, stir-fried, and braised dishes.


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